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Easy to make cardboard box fort with escape chute

Lego sharkLego Atlantis character standing on a cardboard box fort with escape chuteIllustration showing how to construct a cardboard box fort with escape chute

This cardboard box fort was a bit impromptu. I started off working on next week’s craft project – next minute I was rescuing toilet rolls and old boxes and creating my son an ‘underwater’ fort to accompany his new Lego ‘Atlantis’ set!

The fort is quite simple, but it does have an escape chute – this is important, it means when the Lego Shark attacks, the little Lego diver can escape by jumping down the tower and sliding out of the secret side exit!

How to make your own cardboard box fort with escape chute

I’m not going to provide step by step instructions, it’s too simple for that. But I’ve added a little illustration above, it shows how the chute needs to run from underneath a tower (made from a toilet roll) to a hole in the side of the box. You’ll need to ensure the angle is steep enough for the Lego character to slide down without getting stuck.

Update: Fiona from Neverending Lists had a crack at this project (which according to her four year old is a “farmhouse not a fort”) she added some nice modifications, have a look.

If you are using recycled cardboard boxes why not cut down one side and reverse fold them so the unprinted cardboard is on the outside. It’s a much easier surface to decorate or paint, you can even use felt-tip pens. One last thing, for more cardboard inspiration check out these beautiful castles created by Anne Wood.

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21 thoughts on “Easy to make cardboard box fort with escape chute

  1. Hello Scott! I am a bit late to the party, having just stumbled upon your blog today but my son and I are both so enamored with your crafts that I had to comment anyway. As a photographer and elementary teacher I am awed by your whimsical artwork, quality instructions and willingness to share. We have already begun our cardboard creation for my sons Legos and I will definitely share your website with my students this fall to demonstrate creativity and inspiration. Thanks! :)

  2. Wow!! It was creative work. Yes, cardboard plays a vital role in home interior designing and moving stuffs from one destination to another safely. Sometimes we can easily create creative arts using cardboards. I really enjoyed your “cardboard fort” art. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Thanks, I appreciate the comment and love your version of my cardboard fort, it looks great. I’m also amazed it lasted 2 months – I have 2 boys and not much lasts longer than a day! Scott

  3. You are an amazing artist! Love the look and feel of your blog! This “fort” is just what I have been looking for as a project for our unit study on Knights and such. Can’t wait to try it out! Thank you.

  4. We are loving your blog and crafts. Mr7 + Dad have made an Atlantis fort which Mr7 has spent a lot of time playing with. Great to be able to craft purely with onhand resources. Thanks!

    • Hi Michelle, Glad you like the fort! I designed my blog – although in truth it’s really just a massive collage of my drawings, but I glad you like it, it was a bit of a labour of love, so it’s nice to get positive feedback. Scott:-)

  5. Thank you Maggy. And BTW Red Ted Art is fantastic – what a professional looking blog, I’ll be spending some time browsing it properly later. I also want to add a shop to my blog (well, the shop is built, I just haven’t put anything in it to sell) – perhaps I can ask you for some tips? Also it’s nice to meet another UK craft blogger. All the best Scott

  6. I’m stunned by your amazing site design! I absolutely love it! Of course, a bit of my ardor has cooled since noticing the baby with the snot bubble.. but mainly I’m very impressed :)

  7. Wow, your blog is so much fun to browse. I see millions of crafter blogs, but yours is the first man crafter blog I’ve been to, and I have to say I’m impressed!
    Thanks for sharing your creativity with us :-)

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