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Dangerous alphabet for kids

Alphabet for kids - A is for ants Alphabet for kids - Letter B is for bumper cars Alphabet for kids - Letter C is for castle Alphabet for kids - Letter D is for dinosaurs

Here’s the first four letters of a dangerous alphabet for kids (well, mainly boys). I thought it would be fun to have each letter depict an amusing scenario containing a touch of violence or misfortune, nothing too serious, ants getting burnt with magnifying glasses, that sort of thing. Eventually I thought I could use the letters to create name plates or greeting cards. So if you like them give me some encouragement and I’ll persevere with the rest of the alphabet. Oh… and I’d also be happy to take suggestions for the other letters.

Now you make one

It turns out that this is also a fantastic kids activity, my son (Dylan) has really got into it. You might need to help them choose and spell the words, but after that it should keep them busy for hours, well, there are 26 letters! For further ideas and inspiration check out Dylan’s alphabet for boys.

164 thoughts on “Dangerous alphabet for kids

  1. I’ve admired this project for a very long time, but haven’t posted any comments here.
    I would love to collaborate with you and create a children’s book.
    I draw and experiment with illustrations in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

  2. Just found your great website. Nice boy perspective on these letters. Keep going! Love the other suggestions – here’s a few my boy would love
    N – ninjas
    S – superheroes
    R – robots or ropes or race cars
    M – mountain climbing
    K – karate
    L – labyrinth

  3. E is for Earthworms
    H is for Helicopters
    L is for Lasers
    M is for Marsupials
    N is for Ninjas
    Z is for Zepplins

    Just my opinions to finish out the inspiration for the remainder of the alphabet-please finish this-will be GREAT!

    Anna W.
    @FELTit on Twitter

  4. LOVE! The whole blog is fantastic! My mother spent the last seven years of her life bedridden, and designed the most amazing alphabets in the same vein. She did a series of toys, a series of transportation vehicles, and a series of buildings(structures). I’ll try to post them on our blog soon. What are you going to do with them?

  5. e for excavate(construction site) or explore (explorers of old – ships/mountains etc)
    g – gorilla
    i – insects
    j- jellyfish/jet

  6. G is for Gorilla
    I is for Icebergs (Titanic would agree)
    J is for Jackalopes, jack o lanterns,
    K is for killer bees
    O is for opossums
    P is for Pirates
    Q is for Queen of hearts
    R is for razorbacks
    T is for tsunamis
    U is for unicorns!!!
    W is for wombats
    Y is for yoyos

  7. Oh please do persevere! I love this alphabet and my three boys just said, “Awesome” and then they wanted their names in those letters… and I am not creative, so I need you to finish it for me! Please?

  8. N is for nature or natural or Narnia or nachos(: or native newspaper nighttime noise narwhal. and that’s all i got for N.

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