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Awesome ‘shark mouth’ polymer clay pencil holder

Shark mouth polymer clay pencil holder - shown containing pencils

1) Sharks will eat anything…

Shark mouth polymer clay pencil holder - shown containing cheese straws

2) …especially cheese straws.

Shark mouth polymer clay pencil holder - shown containing a clay fish

3) But they love fish the most!

Phew! This cool polymer clay pencil holder has been a bit of a monster (excuse the pun). I finished making the shark 3 weeks ago, but it has taken me ages to complete the hand drawn tutorial. Anyway, it’s all done now, and I hope you like it.

The Shark is made from Fimo – a polymer modelling clay manufactured by Staedtler. This is the first time I have used a polymer clay, it’s great fun and easy to use, and of course the best thing is you can harden it by baking it in the oven. You can also use wire to support your model, which is really useful, and made it possible to create the shark shown above.

My original idea was to create a toast rack where the shark looks like it is eating the toast. That didn’t really work out (I couldn’t make it big enough) however it works really well with cheese straws, bread sticks and even pencils. Oh… and for a bit of gory fun I also made a half-eaten Fimo fish to hook on to its teeth.

How to make your own shark mouth polymer clay pencil holder

Shark mouth - how to diagram

Please note: You will obviously still need to ‘bake’ your model to harden it. Also, there are several makes of polymer clay, I used Fimo, which is readily available in the UK, and I think, available globally.

Download project files›

1) Collectable instructions – they are useful and they look good
245 downloads so far, thanks everyone!

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If you are not very familiar with Fimo (or with polymer modelling clay in general) check out Maddy Hill’s Mad Imaginations blog, she has a whole category dedicated to her Fimo creations.

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26 thoughts on “Awesome ‘shark mouth’ polymer clay pencil holder

  1. Love the idea so I figured I’d try it out. I’ve worked with fimo for quite a while but this thing is a royal pain in the behind. I don’t know how you managed it but making the main body around the frame and getting it to look like anything but a lumpy tube is a miracle. Kudos to you and good luck to anyone who tries it.

  2. I saw traffic coming over from here on to my blog, lol thanks for the shout out Scott, x – Love your awesome shark, and what a totally terrific blog you have and how talented you are!
    Thanks and keep making!

  3. Hi Scott, Lovely blog. I actually saw your profile on e-junkie.info.

    Awesome. I totally love your creativity. I hope you earn from it well.


    Olusegun – it’s my first time here.

  4. Amazing! I want to make one too, but the polymer clay is really expensive where I live. I’d have to get about 5 different colors D:

    I really love it though! Please do more ‘sculpting’ work!

  5. That’s just amazing how your mind works. I ‘Like” your blog. If you would like to come over and ‘Like’ mine as well, I have a giveaway going right now for a 6pk of Paper Shower Towelettes and a Paper Shower T-shirt.

    Have a great day!

    • Dear Scott, it’s a pleasure for US to meet you there – I really do hope as many fans as possible will see your inspiring artworks so you get rich & famous!
      Just keep us posted and stop by from time to time and post your news on our wall :)

  6. Scott, your FIMO shark is amazing – as well as your gorgeous tutorial!

    May I invite you to join our humble STAEDTLER facebook fanpage to share both? It would be a real honour for us to welcome you there.

    Hope to meet you soon and best regards from STAEDTLER headquarters in Germany, Yvonne

  7. Fabulously gross! Your instruction illustrations blow me away. Thanks for the time you put into them. Looking forward to buying the book one day!

    • Thanks Cathe! I’m glad you like the hand drawn instructions, I enjoy doing them but they can take longer than the craft – I think I better try and do a project that requires less lengthy instructions next time! Scott

  8. we wish there was someone like you in our country. we live very far away,but are so impressed that if we lived in your country we would camp out outside your house, just to get a chance to see you in real life. our son is very good at modelling abstract things – his favourite medium is snot. hopefully with a little encouragement he will be as talented as you one day. what did you start with as a little kid? Jimmy, Paarl

    • Ha ha… a snot sculpture, that I’d like to see (actually, may be not!). My wife lived in Paarl for a few years, and we still have friends that live there – very beautiful, but very hot I remember. Thanks for the comment. Scott

    • Hi Diane, It’s nice to hear from you – I’ve been buried in WordPress template tweaks for 3 weeks, so it’s great to finally post a project again. Thanks for the comment, and I’m glad you like the hand-drawn instructions, they actually take longer to do than the craft! Scott

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