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Tall spaghetti and marshmallow tower

A spaghetti and marshmallow tower shown towering over its competitors at a school science challenge
1) Tall and proud – our winning construction!

This year my son’s school science challenge was to build a spaghetti and marshmallow tower capable of holding a chocolate egg – the tallest tower being the winner.

I must say it was a tricky, and sticky, job – and one made all the more difficult if you happen to like eating one of the building materials, which unfortunately both me and my son do. So all in all it was a bit of a race against time, because the longer we took the greater the temptation!

Anyway, we resisted long enough to build a 189cm tall tower, which luckily proved to be more than enough to win the science prize.

How to make one

How to build a spaghetti tower diagram

The diagram above shows you how I built my tower, I hope it’s helpful. I’ve also created a PDF instruction sheet, just click the download button below and print it out. Let me know how you get on, why not send me a pic of your creation?

Download project files›

1) Collectable instructions – includes additional hints and tips
2384 downloads so far, thanks everyone!

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Building your own spaghetti and marshmallow tower makes a great kids’ activity and doesn’t have to be the preserve of school science projects. If you need a bit more help, check out my new book Made by Dad: 67 Blueprints for Making Cool Stuff, it includes detailed instructions for making a Spaghetti and Marshmallow Eiffel Tower (sneak peek below).

A sneak peak of the Spaghetti & Marshmallow Eiffel Tower project from Made by Dad: 67 Blueprints for Making Cool Stuff

Happy Building!

123 thoughts on “Tall spaghetti and marshmallow tower

  1. This activity will be great to use a group activity in my new Year 4 class. I’m looking to have them in groups of about 4 to see how they go in group work and how well they each get along. This will not only be a science lesson but I can see it turning into a math lesson as well

    What size egg do you use for the kids to hold?

    • Hi Tracey, We used a chocolate egg, I guess the teachers didn’t want to be cleaning up any mistakes! If you use a real egg, perhaps hard-boil a small one, just in case. Thanks for the comment. I hope you have fun. Scott

  2. This is a great website and this activity is perfect! I’m a structural engineer and myself and a colleague have been trying to work out an activity to do with some school kids to get them excited about engineering… We were thinking food and tall buildings and that led us here! thanks so much for the great info :)

    • Perhaps 1/4 or 1/3 of a pack per group – it depends how many marshmallows they get! BTW If you run out of marshmallows you can try cutting them in half, but then things get very sticky, very quickly! Thanks for the comment. Scott :)

    • Not really, but there’s a point when the weight of the spaghetti becomes too much, and the structure slowly starts to collapse! Thanks for the comment. Scott :)

  3. This is great!!! I’m an activities officer with dementia residents and I’m going to try this with them. Thank you so much

    • Hi Sally, Thanks for the comment, yes, this is a fun project for all ages and abilities – I hope your patients benefit from it. All the best. Scott :)

      • Thank you so much for telling me this!!!! My gifted and talented camp I’m in has given us this as our project in my physics class. This will really help us win but I need advice on how to support an eraser instead of an egg.

        • I reckon you could just balance it on a marshmallow, or make a little hole in the eraser and ‘pin it’ to the marshmallow using spaghetti – have fun, and thanks for the comment. Scott

  4. I do enrichment science programs for kids of varying ages. It is always good for teachers to keep up with their students! Having to hold up an egg puts a different spin on the tower challenge. I really love the egg nest you built at the top. Thanks!!

  5. A common team building exercise in many group job interviews nower days lol … looks like i have the heads up!! :)

  6. Hi,

    Planning to do this activity on an upcoming Scout night. Its always great fro the leaders to have a good strategy so we don’t get beaten by the kids.


    Group Leader
    Stoke Scout Group
    Nelson, New Zealand

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