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Webby Awards – how to vote guide!

Webby how to vote how to diagram

Now, you could vote for ‘What I Made’ this way.

Or you could do it the easy way, and vote online at the Webbys People’s Voice website (voting now closed).

I’m happy to announce that ‘What I Made’ won the 2011 Webby Award and Webby People’s Voice Award for best personal blog/website.

Webby Award Logos

Thank you to everyone who voted, or showed their support by leaving comments, emailing me, or liking one of my posts!

33 thoughts on “Webby Awards – how to vote guide!

    • Thanks Cathe, better late than never (ha ha)! Winning the Webby was a bit of a surprise, and even better I got to go and collect it from New York (what an awesome city). Scott:-)

  1. Hi there. I followed you through a comment you made on craftypod. Your illustration on how to vote was so funny. I immediately went to vote for you without reading anything else! Now I’m off to your archives to nose through your business. Good luck with the award, you seem to have a great lead so far.

    • Thank you Rachel. I appreciate the vote but am even happier that you like my blog and will be visiting again. Hopefully I’ll hear from you again the future. Scott

    • Hi Cathe, Thanks so much for the vote! Yes, would be nice to win, might give me an excuse to visit the States again – which would be great! All the best Scott

  2. OK, I just followed your instructions and voted! Now, where’s the PDF that helps me get back to LaGuardia Airport? :-)

    (Congratulations, Scott! You’re enjoying a healthy lead in the voting!)

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