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My name is Scott Bedford, by day, I am the Creative Director of a digital agency in London, and by nights (and weekends) a Webby Award-winning blogger and occasional columnist for Make magazine who makes cool stuff with and for my two boys.

I live with my wife and sons in Buckinghamshire, England.
Scott Bedford mug shot

As a child I loved drawing crazy machines, I even won a national competition (aged 7) for a drawing of a cheese factory! Later, as I learnt to wield a hammer, I spent my summers building rat traps, motorised safes and bubble machines, amongst other things.

After school I attended Art College and pursued a career in the advertising and design industry. It was only as my eldest son began to draw, that my own interest in making things was reignited.

In fact, the defining moment came on a trip to Starbucks. My boys were getting restless so I distracted them by building a house from wooden stirring sticks. They were so impressed (and amused), that they spent the next ten minutes trying to make their own one – I enjoyed the rest of my Latte in peace and quiet!

That was the beginning of . A blog that celebrates the whole process of making, not just the end result – a blog where being a grown-up didn’t mean you couldn’t embrace your inner-child!

Two Webby Awards and a book later, it was clear that what delighted me also delighted others as well. If it delights you, why not sign up for my occasional newsletter (see below) and let’s ‘make making fun’!

You’ll also find me tweeting @whatimade, and from time to time, posting on Google Plus and my What I Made Facebook page.

If you’d like to email me directly, you can do that at scott(at)whatimade.com.

5 thoughts on “About me

  1. my daughter will love your blog. she is going to be an artist herself . already winning blue ribbons at our state fair and a grand champion ribbon for her steam punk dolls. age 9

    • That’s great – pass my congratulations to your daughter – definitely sounds like she a very creative person! I hope she enjoys my blog. Scott :)

  2. What a crazy beautiful blog!! I loved it as soon as I saw the awesome background, and then when I actually saw your projects…wow!! Great job! Looking forward to scrolling through your instructions and projects.

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