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Illustration: ‘Cement shoes’

Cement shoes

I just came across the Illustration Friday website thanks to a post from Claudine Hellmuth (AKA Collageartist). So rather spontaneously I decided to have a crack at creating an illustration for this week’s topic ‘immovable’ – the result is the ‘cement shoes’ illustration above. I hope you like it.

I really like it when craft and illustration come crossover, these lovely wall decals created by Shanna Murray are a good example. They are simple and elegant, with wonderfully positive and uplifting messages – why not go check out here equally elegant blog?

9 thoughts on “Illustration: ‘Cement shoes’

  1. Hi Scott! I’m super flattered by your kind words, thank you. Thanks too for your lovely comment over at my blog. It’s so great to meet new, talented folks. I’m looking forward to following all you’re up to here.

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