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Large cardboard model of a pencil

A realistic cardboard model of an over-sized pencil

I’m not sure what to make of my time working as an Art Director. Some of my most creative moments came when making leaving ‘cards’ for departing members of staff. I gained quite a reputation in this regard, mainly because I used to create quite complex gadgets using Foam Core board. My greatest achievement being a cigarette dispenser that launched cigarettes like missiles!

This pencil was not quite on that level. It was for a large insurance company pitch. I think I made quite a few of them, all out of cardboard. We didn’t win!

4 thoughts on “Large cardboard model of a pencil

  1. I’ll definitely give it’s some thought, it might make a good downloadable project. Pass on my regards, and admiration, to your exhausted sister – she does a great job! Scott

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