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Beautiful recycled chopstick and soda can bird feeder

Beautiful recycled chopstick and soda can bird feeder - shown hanging in a snowy gardenBird feeder logo

I’m very excited by this craft project – mainly because it’s my first contribution to feature in MAKE: magazine (part of a new regular series) but also because I think it’s quite a neat project!

I made it during a snowy spell, after taking pity on a Robin that had taken residence in our garden (it’s funny how craft ideas often come from an actual need). I didn’t feel like braving the cold, so I made do with materials I found lying around the house – namely a few soda cans and some disposable chopsticks (salvaged from a meal out to a Chinese restaurant). I was quite pleased with the result, I thought it looked fairly elegant, which was my initial goal.

How to make your own beautiful recycled chopstick and soda can bird feeder

To make your own chopstick and soda can bird feeder follow the instructions below, or download them and print them out (link below). If you are struggling to find wooden chopsticks, just substitute them with good old fashioned dowel.

Easy to follow hand drawn instructions for making a beautiful recycled chopstick and soda can bird feeder

Download project files›

1) Collectable instructions – they look great stuck on the fridge!
133 downloads so far, thanks everyone!

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While on the topic of bird feeders here’s some very cool ones made from traffic light lenses. If you know of any others made from unusual materials let me know, I couldn’t find many.

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19 thoughts on “Beautiful recycled chopstick and soda can bird feeder

  1. I’ve put together a round up of great outdoor bird and squirrel crafts on Craft Gossip today and included your post. :) You can see it here.

    If you would like a Craft Gossip badge showing you’ve been featured, you can grab one here :)

  2. I love all your stuff! But I check your blog everyday hoping to see a new post, I can’t wait for the next one!

    • Thank you – yes, I wish I could produce projects more quickly as well! Have you thought of subscribing – if you don’t use feed readers there is an option to subscribe via email, that way you’ll get an email as soon as a new post goes live. Thanks for the comment. Scott

  3. I saw the prototype on my last visit and know the focus you put into something visually exiting and creative as well as the time spent on the instructions. Finished product is very elegant and I sometimes wonder how I created such a genius!! Mother x

    • Cool – I’m glad it worked out OK! At least I now know my instructions make sense! Thanks for the comment. Scott

  4. Scott, what an utterly fantastic website. It is gorgeous. Love the style, the sketches, the recycled products, everything. Thanks for producing something that is visually exciting and inspiring. I’m in awe.

    • Thanks Lyndsey – I’ve just been checking out your impressive website! Congratulations on all your recent business accolades. Scott

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