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Illustration: ‘Noisy neighbour’

Noisy neighbour illustration

It’s been ages (3 years I think) since I last submitted a drawing for Illustration Friday, I was going to have a crack at it last week but didn’t fancy the topic, this week’s word is “protest”, which I found more creatively fruitful!

Click here for a larger view – can you work out who the actual noisy neighbour is?

I’ve started to play a bit with Vine recently, it’s quite a lot of fun – here’s my first attempt, which makes use of one of my favourite raw materials, the paper coffee cup!

What I made
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Illustration: ‘Everything I made in a year’

1) 19 projects, 10 fineliners and 5 marker pads later…

I recently celebrated a year of blogging by exhibiting a print called Everything I made in a year at the Art Sells exhibition in London. Organised by two girls who work in a well known London advertising agency, it was open to any ‘frustrated creative’ working within the wider creative industry!

I’d love to know a little more about the type of craft project you’d like to see more off. And to make it easier to get your feedback I’m running my first poll! If you have time please have a go.

What I made
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Webby Awards – how to vote guide!

Webby how to vote how to diagram

Now, you could vote for ‘What I Made’ this way.

Or you could do it the easy way, and vote online at the Webbys People’s Voice website (voting now closed).

I’m happy to announce that ‘What I Made’ won the 2011 Webby Award and Webby People’s Voice Award for best personal blog/website.

Webby Award Logos

Thank you to everyone who voted, or showed their support by leaving comments, emailing me, or liking one of my posts!

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