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Children’s gift wrapping idea that’s better than the present!

Cardboard mice carrying off a present - a very cool children's gift wrapping idea!

Translation: “Quick! Before Santa sees us!”

Closeup of two cardboard mouse carrying off a present - a very cool children's gift wrapping idea!

Translation: “I hope there’s cheese in here…”

Closeup of one cardboard mouse carrying off a present - a very cool children's gift wrapping idea!

Translation: “…yes, I don’t want another pair of socks!”

This creative children’s gift wrapping idea will definitely set the scene on Christmas morning – just imagine the smiles on the kids’ faces when they spot their Christmas presents being carted off by mischievous mouse thieves (I know that my boys loved them).

Of course, it’s perfect for any gift wrapping occasion, especially children’s birthdays. But why not get a little creative and surprise the grown-ups – after all, Mom and Dad shouldn’t miss out on the fun? So start planning, there’s plenty of opportunities, you’ve Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Wedding anniversaries and even Valentine’s day to choose from!

Learn how to make this cool children’s gift wrapping idea for yourself

As far as gift wrapping crafts go, this has to be one of the easiest to make. There’s printable artwork for the mice and a template for the ‘tricky’ stand, but if that’s still too much effort, go for the ‘easy peasy’ stand made from a squashed toilet roll! You’ll find the download button underneath the instructions.

Easy to follow hand drawn instructions for making mischievous mice thieves

An even quicker cheat courtesy of Julie: simply prop the present on a small block of wood, and stick the mice around the side of the present – perfect if you don’t want to reuse the mice and you can’t see under the present.

Download printables and instructions›

1) Colour version of mice – just print and cut out.
2) Black and white mice – have fun colouring them in first.
3) Template for stand – print it out and trace around it.
4) Collectable instructions – stick them on the fridge!
382 downloads so far, thanks everyone!

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Here’s a few more cute children’s gift wrapping ideas – I especially like the one with the toys cars stuck on to the side!

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22 thoughts on “Children’s gift wrapping idea that’s better than the present!

  1. So awesome. I’m definitely surprising my family with this…just need to figure out how to sneak it to my parents house while they are away!

    Found this from “All for the Boys”. So glad she shared this post! Now…off to browse more of your awesome site!

    • Thank you Dana, ‘All for the boys’ is a fantastic blog, it was great to have them include my project – thanks for stopping by!

  2. I think I’ll make these primarily for my 4 year old and put his presents in different places around the room so he has to go search for them, as if the mice were in the process of stealing them. Very fun. Thanks for this idea!

  3. SO glad you’re back with another awesome project – these are so fun. Can’t decide if I want the boys to make them or to surprise them, maybe I’ll do both! The mice can hold up a plate of cookies one morning and then I can let them in on the secret and we can place them around other family members’ houses. Thanks again!

    • Thanks for the comment Allison, glad you like the craft – and I love the idea of using them to hold up a plate of cookies! Scott:)

  4. It would be easier to just prop the present up on something in the middle (a small block of wood or something), then you wouldn’t have the tricky support columns. You could just glue the mice around the outside at the appropriate level.

    • Thats’s a really nice idea if you want an even quicker cheat! I wanted my mice to be reusable, and really liked the idea that they are actually supporting the present – they also work well with smaller presents, or presents on tables, where you see underneath. Thanks for the comment. Scott

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