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Illustration: ‘Diaper sniper’

Diaper sniper - crazy machine

While I put the finishing touches to my next craft tutorial (another upcycling project – all you’ll need is an old fork and a good set of muscles) I thought I’d share the above illustration with you. I’ve named it Diaper Sniper, for my U.S. readers, and Nappy Slappy for my U.K. visitors (if you can think of a better rthyme let me know!). I’ve used it to illustrate my About me section, which has been updated (with the aid of my Mother’s editing skills). Here’s a larger version – just in case you want to see more of the ‘sloppy’ details.

Mark Frauenfelder at Boing Boing just pointed me in the direction of Roy Doty – a cartoonist famed for creating beautifully detailed contraptions like this one. I love this sort of illustration – I’ve even had a go myself, check out my Twitter Factory.

6 thoughts on “Illustration: ‘Diaper sniper’

  1. You’re so darn cool! I don’t even care about making the stuff (well, some of it) but your drawings are so awesome! My 11 year old son LOVES your site, too!

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