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DIY tin can tea light holder – the ultimate transformation!

DIY tin can tea light holder on a table with a lit candle

1) Who said baked beans and a naked flame don’t mix…

Close-up of a DIY tin can tea light holder on a table with a lit candle

2) …hey, don’t get too close (just in case).

For this week’s craft I’ve rested my son’s felt-tip pens and pursued one of my other passions, creating beautiful things out of junk – in this case an elegant tea light holder made from an empty tin of Heinz Baked Beans (the beans on toast were pretty good as well). So why not give it a go, it’s a great way to ‘upcycle’?

It took about an hour and a half to make, and proved to be a much simpler project than I was expecting. It turns out that tin cans are made of very thin tin, all you need are a pair of ‘tin snips’, it’s as easy as cutting through paper with scissors.

How to make your own DIY tin can tea light holder

You’ll find instructions on how to make one below, I’ve also included a stencil for download, this should make marking up the can much quicker, but it’s not essential.

Easy to follow hand drawn instructions for making a DIY tin can tea light holder

Please note: In Step 5, the strips you bend upwards form the base of the tea light holder, so you will need to invert the can to make sense of Steps 6 and 7. Also, and thanks to Sarahbelle42 for pointing this out, I wrapped the bottom strips around a pencil to help create the tight curls in Step 6.

Download project files›

1) Mark-up stencil – print out at 100%
2) Collectable instructions – they are useful and they look good
798 downloads so far, thanks everyone!

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If you don’t have tin snips (or the patience) try improvising with other materials, here’s a light I made from Christmas LEDs, you’ll find it on page 54 of my book (in the Home Hacks chapter).

Trashy lights

It comes with detailed instructions, just like the ones on my blog – you can have a sneaky look inside here!

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65 thoughts on “DIY tin can tea light holder – the ultimate transformation!

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  2. Do you have other patterns for tin can crafts? My mom used to do stuff like this back in the 1960’s–xmas trees, reindeer, ornaments, etc. that were really cool– and I’d like to find sources.

  3. This is very cute, going to try.
    Different idea to the one I do, the little lanterns.
    May your Christmas be blessed and filled with love.

  4. Heya, tried making the candle holder first with a tin was a bit tricky cutting the metal so gave up. How did you manage to get it so perfectly cut. I also tried with a drinks can it worked but ran out of glue. Yours looks great though. Thankys for the tutorial :)

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