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‘Eggcellent’ DIY upcycled fork egg cup

Close-up of a DIY upcycled fork egg cup - shown placed on a plate with toast soldiers

1) An old bent fork, throw it away…

Side view of a boiled egg sitting in a DIY upcycled fork egg cup - shown placed on a plate and toast soldiers

2) …but wait, it’s an egg cup holder.

Top view of a boiled egg sitting in a DIY upcycled fork egg cup  - shown placed on a plate and toast soldiers

3) It makes your eggs even sunnier!

So here’s my latest upcycling craft project, a simple, yet attractive DIY upcycled fork egg cup made from a repurposed fork. I got the idea after coming across a coat hanger made from a bent fork – I wondered if something more intricate (but still useful) could be made from bending a fork, this was the result.

In many regards it’s a very simple thing to make, however, I really struggled with the fork I had chosen – it was like trying to bend an iron bar! I’d suggest choosing a fork that is not too thick.

How to make your own DIY upcycled fork egg cup

I have provided hand drawn instructions below, use it as a guide, if you have a well stocked workshop you may well find a better way to bend the fork. The most important thing is the shape of the base, you don’t want an egg holder prone to tipping over – if you follow the plan I have provided you should be all right.

Easy to follow hand drawn instructions for making a DIY upcycled fork egg cup

Please note: The ideal fork will have long tines (able to cradle an egg) and a handle long enough to form a stable base.

Download instructions›

1) Collectable instructions – they are useful and they look good
475 downloads so far, thanks everyone!

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This toast rack, made from a paper coffee cup, will go perfectly with the egg cup (and it’s a lots less strenuous to make)! You can find it in my new book Made by Dad: 67 Blueprints for Making Cool Stuff, on page 50, you can have a look inside here.

A toast rack made from a paper coffee in the shape of a crocodile with a slice of toast in its mouth

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Enjoy breakfast!

58 thoughts on “‘Eggcellent’ DIY upcycled fork egg cup

  1. I love the egg cup as I have always admired art with silverware, but even more than that I adore your page’s background, it’s fantastic!

  2. This place is out of control! I just discovered your site and I think I’m in LOVE. There are so many things to take in and for someone with ADD I think I’m starting to loose my mind :) I really want to make this glorious Egg Cup!

      • Sorry to hear you struggled – did you fold the two edges together (to make a pointy ‘nose’) before you wrapped it onto the wire frame? Doing that should (sort of) automatically create the rough shape of the shark, well the one half of the shark. Scott

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