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Illustration: ‘Everything I made in a year’

1) 19 projects, 10 fineliners and 5 marker pads later…

I recently celebrated a year of blogging by exhibiting a print called Everything I made in a year at the Art Sells exhibition in London. Organised by two girls who work in a well known London advertising agency, it was open to any ‘frustrated creative’ working within the wider creative industry!

I’d love to know a little more about the type of craft project you’d like to see more off. And to make it easier to get your feedback I’m running my first poll! If you have time please have a go.

13 thoughts on “Illustration: ‘Everything I made in a year’

  1. Hi Scott
    I would love to see more recycled stuff. The baked beans cans are quite cute and easy to make, I like the candle holder. would love to see more of those.

  2. While I don’t make crafts specifically for children, (most of my crafts are simple enough) and I don’t use recycled materials (I try to find things that are available at ordinary stores) I think my site might meet most of your other requirements. I try to teach new techniques and yet allow the crafter to make professional looking objects. Please check it out.

  3. Good morning / evening
    I saw your work at curbly’s, What you did looks great but with 1 problem,,,
    I can’t read the illustrations very clearly due to the font’s type you’re using, I went to your blog hopping that its better, alas… the same.
    I know it’s your style but is there any way to use clearer font?
    Either way thank you : )

    • Hi Milani, Try downloading the project files, they contain a PDF of the illustrations at a higher resolution – that might help. Thanks for the comment. Scott

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