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5 nerf gun target ideas perfect for children’s parties

Nerf gun target ideas - this one shows a 'bath tub helicopter'

1) Flying bath tub: 5 pts

Nerf gun target ideas - this one shows a 'penny farthing bomber'

2) Penny-farthing bomber: 50 pts

Nerf gun target ideas - this one shows a 'hydraulic stilt stomper'

3) Hydraulic stilt stomper: 11 pts

Nerf gun target ideas - this one shows a 'sneaky trash can squirter'

4) Sneaky trash can squirter: 30 pts

Nerf gun target ideas - this one shows a 'chainsaw wielding tree stalker'

5) Chainsaw wielding tree stalker: 40 pts

I think Nerf guns are pretty cool, much better than the potato guns I had as a kid! The one downside is that they are actually too good, they fire the foam darts so far that most of them end up in the neighbour’s garden or lost forever at the back of the hedge.

With that in mind I created some cool paper targets, something to focus the boys’ aim, while still keeping things fun. They worked a like a dream – less bullets lost, and for a while at least, my oldest boy found it more fun than shooting his younger brother!


They are also perfect for children’s parties. Just pre-prepare the materials and have the kids colour in their targets before assembling them. Then, one at a time, let each child set them up on a table (or the floor) a set distance away, around 6-10 ft. After that, let them shoot at their targets until they have hit them all over (reloading if necessary) – but keep track of the number of shots, the winner is the child to use the least number of bullets. If there is a tie, organise a deciding shoot-off!

How to turn these awesome nerf gun target ideas into reality

It’s an easy project to make, just print out the artwork (link below) and follow these instructions (or just improvise!).

Turn these awesome nerf gun target ideas into reality by following these simple instructions

Download project files›

1) Colour artwork – just start assembling
2) Black and white artwork – have fun colouring them in first
3) Collectable instructions – stick them on the fridge
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I was excited to recently discover that Craftzine had included this project on their blog. So thank you. And if you haven’t checked out their site please do, it’s a fabulous resource for crafters.

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14 thoughts on “5 nerf gun target ideas perfect for children’s parties

  1. Where do you buy the wire? I am in charge of kids games for our church’s fall picnic and want to do a “turkey shoot” with targets like these for our kids to shoot at with dart guns. I think this idea is great! Thanks!

  2. I love this! I can’t wait to print these bad boys out and distribute them to my nieces and nephews 😀 I am going to print them on sticker paper and put them on used soda bottles filled with different mediums (marbles, rice, rocks, shells etc). Thank you so much for being so generous with your fantastic ideas and fabulous artwork! Your book is my next purchase!

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  4. You are probably more gifted with wire bending than I. I do, however, have plenty of toilet paper tubes saved for projects so that is a great idea. My son colored his first one – thank you!

    • Hey, that’s great to hear – I’m really pleased they are being put to use! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    • Its a pleasure, thanks for the nice comment. To create the bases I used wire (bought from my local hardware store) which I then bent into little stands. Perhaps toilet roll (well, the tube inside) might make a good alternative 😉

  5. Well, you’re a super generous artist! My boys will love these! They are always shooting eachother and it will help my sanity to give them something else to shoot at. Thank you!

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