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3 wacky ways to get your child to eat vegetables!

Way no. 1 to get your child to eat vegetables: a card clipped to the plate depicting three monkeys, it reads 'Last one to finish their food is a (double) monkey's bottom!'

1) “I’m no monkey’s bottom – give me another mouthful”

Way no. 2 to get your child to eat vegetables: a card clipped to the plate depicting a man with a huge vacuum cleaner on his back, it reads 'Hurry I'm stealing your food!'

2) “No one’s stealing my food – pass me the ketchup”

Way no. 3 to get your child to eat vegetables: a card clipped to the plate depicting a Space Race game where each mouthful eaten gets the spaceship closer to a worm hole!

3) “No one’s going to beat me – where’s my pudding”

Two empty plates, each with a Finish Your Food challenge card attached

4) “Hmm… I think Mummy’s tricked me!”

My two boys are constantly on the move, even at meal times, which makes getting them to eat their food (especially their vegetables) almost impossible. So with this in mind I decided to turn eating into a challenge, something that would appeal to their sense of competition. The result was the rather unusual ‘get your child to eat vegetables’ plate accessories you see above. They clip onto the edge of the plate and carry different motivating messages, all designed to get your kids to finish their food (including their greens!).

Oh… and they do work, I’ve tested them on my two boys. The only down side is they only work once, except for the Space Race game, that might last a week!

How to make your own ‘get your child to eat vegetables’ challenge cards

Follow the instructions below, the trickiest part will be making the clip attachment. I used a bulldog clip and thick wire, the goal is to firmly attach one end of the wire to the bulldog clip, and then bend the other end in such a way that it can grip the base of the cards.

As for the the card designs, they don’t need to be highly finished, the idea and message is more important – just have fun. But just in case you are out of inspiration, I have made colour and black and white versions of my designs available for download (see link below).

Easy to follow hand drawn instructions to get your child to eat vegetables

Download printables and instructions›

1) Colour artwork – just start assembling
2) Black and white artwork – have fun colouring them in first
3) Collectable instructions – they look nice in a folder
212 downloads so far, thanks everyone!

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I’d like to thank Diane, owner of the excellent Craftypod website. I recently purchased her Creating a blog audience e-book, and it has been a great help to me. Diane was also kind enough to offer me some advice – so this post is dedicated to her!

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15 thoughts on “3 wacky ways to get your child to eat vegetables!

  1. scott, super idea, where were these when my kids were small LOL. now it is grands who are super-picky! their mother was the same way so i guess they come by it naturally!!

    • Yes, I never thought getting my kids to eat would be so tricky – and not so much because they are fussy, but because they won’t sit still long enough to eat all their food – it’s like perpetual motion in our house! Thanks for the comment, come back again. Scott

  2. Oh, my goodness! I am honored, and you have made my whole day. Thank you so much, Scott! And I just love this blog of yours. I may make myself a few of these cards. Sometimes I don't finish my meals, either. :-)

    • (chuckle) I don’t have the same problem. I probably could do with a some ‘Stop! You’ve eaten too much’ cards. 😉

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