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Telescopic paper floor lamp made from Christmas LED lights

Telescopic paper floor lamp made from Christmas LED lights - shown closed

1) Compact and bijou…

Telescopic paper floor lamp made from Christmas LED lights - shown extended

2) …tall and proud.

I love making gadgety things, especially when they are engineered simply and from everyday things. This telescopic floor lamp (which first appeared in Make: magazine) is a good example, on one hand it has a counterbalanced mechanism that allows it to adjust to any height, on the other hand it’s made from nothing more than paper, cardboard, coins, a bit of wire and a string of Christmas LED lights.

Interestingly, during construction I was so focused on trying to get the counterbalance working I never really thought about it as functioning light. However, the effect, when I first turned it on was pretty cool. Oh… and an added bonus was that the Christmas LED lights came with a variety of flashing sequences, one for every mood! Check out the video above.

How to make one

If you are up for a challenge try making your own one, it’s a little tricky, but the detailed instructions below should help you get there. Good luck.

Easy to follow hand drawn instructions for making a telescopic paper floor lamp made out of Christmas LED lights and paper

Download instructions›

1) Collectable instructions – print them out & put them in a folder!
96 downloads so far, thanks everyone!

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3 thoughts on “Telescopic paper floor lamp made from Christmas LED lights

  1. this is too cool im hopeing to get my boys into making some of your ideas ..i always loved stuff like this but had not the brain cell to come up with any lol thnx

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