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Funny paper fortune teller for kids (and grown-ups)!

Funny paper fortune teller showing the fours colours on the front flaps

Go on, pick a colour

Funny paper fortune teller showing the numbers on the inside

Now, pick a number

Funny paper fortune teller showing fortune teller prediction - depicts a robot attack and goo machine

Here’s your fortune…
No. 1: You will be attacked by a robot with a human brain.
No. 2: You will get grunged by the ‘poo’ machine.

Funny paper fortune teller showing fortune teller prediction - depicts a smelly sock balaclava and a bedroom dungeon

No. 3: You will be forced to wear a smelly sock balaclava.
No. 4: Your bedroom will be moved into the basement.

Funny paper fortune teller showing fortune teller prediction - depicts a shark attack and alien abduction

No. 5: You will be eaten by a shark… slowly.
No. 6: You will be abducted by an alien (while you’re sleeping).

Funny paper fortune teller showing fortune teller prediction - depicts a snot sandwich and toilet monster

No. 7: You will get a fright from the toilet monster.
No. 8: You will have to eat ‘snot’ toast for breakfast.

So here’s my version of the classic ‘origami’ fortune teller (apparently also known as an cootie catcher). It’s the same as the ones I used to make as a kid, except instead of boring written predictions, I’ve illustrated them (in a schoolboy humour sort of way) which makes it a funny paper fortune teller, rather an unfunny paper fortune teller!

How to make your own funny paper fortune teller

To make your own fortune teller, just print out the artwork (download link below) and then follow these super-simple folding instructions. I’ve also made colour and black and white versions available, so you can colour them in yourself!

Easy to follow hand drawn instructions for making a funny paper fortune teller

Download printables and instructions›

1) Colour artwork – just start folding
2) Black and white artwork – colour them in first
3) Collectable instructions – stick them on the fridge
1548 downloads so far, thanks everyone!

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If you like this paper fortune teller, perhaps you’ll also like my Mouthy Monsters, a simple but cool paper folding project in my new book: Made by Dad: 67 Blueprints for Making Cool Stuff! – if you have time take a Look Inside!

Mouthy monster trading cards

Good fortune!

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20 thoughts on “Funny paper fortune teller for kids (and grown-ups)!

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  2. OMG that walpaper is sick!!! I love it and the rest of your website… oh and i sooooo remember those fortune tellers from school!

    helen :)

  3. These are awesome! I’m going to use them in my junior high school (12/13 year olds) in Japan tomorrow with simplified English, e.g. “Shark eats you”.

    Thanks for posting these!!

  4. I knew my 30 year old son would love this. But when I printed it out, it came out too big and I lost a lot of the outer graphics. Can you help?

    But, the rest of your site blows me away too. I am a doodler….this is fantastic. Glad I found you on Pinterest….now to follow you!

  5. YOU BORN FOR THIS MARVELOUS IDEAS!!!KEEP WALKING… Aspa Kourou,from Greece(kindergarten teacher)

  6. My son is begging me to print this out for him. Now IF he brings it to school, and gets in trouble for the poo thingy, it’s on him. So silly, but so awesomely creative. Wow. We just can’t get enough of your site.

  7. You are awesome! I also laughed myself silly over the illustration of the baby with a straw up the nose (or perhaps it is snot dripping out onto the sandwich). Have you heard of a book called “Kid Concoctions”? You would fit in with that genre of book fabulously.

    • Thanks Staci! The illustrations take quite a while to draw so it’s good to hear that people like them. By the way I was impressed your fabric fortune teller – I wouldn’t have thought it was even possible to make one out of fabric. Scott

    • Just Googled “cootie catcher” – I’ve never come across that name before, but there it was in Wikipedia! Thanks for the comment

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