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Illustration: ‘How tweets are made!’

Detailed illustration showing how tweets are made

Ever wondered how all those tweets are really made?

Well, if you thought it revolved around huge data centres and cutting edge technology, you might be a little surprised. Click on the image above to get an exclusive look behind the scenes.

See if you can spot Dick Costolo, the Twitter CEO!

You’ll find me tweeting from time to time @whatimade – feel free to connect and say hello!

10 thoughts on “Illustration: ‘How tweets are made!’

  1. Wow! I just stumbled across your site today and I am totally amazed by everything I’m seeing! I LOVE your imagination, creativity and talent. I love seeing things that are different than the typical arts/crafts blogs I read. Being a girly girl, I am not really into the boy stuff, but I love that you make things, then illustrate the steps! The twitter background is brilliant :)!

    • Thank you Jess – it’s great to hear that my blog appeals to ‘girly-girls’ as well. Hopefully you’ll visit again. Scott:)

  2. I just found your site, I love it. Every inch of it. As a former AD I would have loved working with you! So much fun. Yours is a great site for boys too. The art/craft blogworld is so feminine, a site like yours really stands out. As an art teacher, writer and blog author I’ll be recommending What I Made – brilliant!

    Are you in the UK too?

    • Hi Joanie, Thanks for the lovely comment. It’s nice to get this sort of considered feedback, it’s really helpful – it’s the only way I can know if I’m on the right track! Yes, I’m in the UK – currently working in London and living in Buckinghamshire. And, of course, any recommendations would be most appreciated, but please visit again, I’d love to know what you think of future projects! All the best. Scott

    • Hi Mark, Strangely I haven’t come across Roy Doty, I was however, a big fan of Heath Robinson’s contraptions as a kid. I have also been recently been made aware of Reuben Goldberg, a sort of American version of Heath Robinson. I have always loved low-tech gadgets and contraptions – Roy Doty’s look very cool as well. Thanks for the comment. Scott

    • Thanks Heather! And I love your groovy handbags – for anyone reading this comment go and check out the G Studi shop on Etsy. Scott :-)

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