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Improvised ‘cable ties’ from a repurposed plastic bag!

Improvised handlebar supports made from sticks and a repurposed plastic bagInstructions for making handlebar supports from sticks and a repurposed plastic bag

OK, I admit it, this post is more than a little bit tongue in cheek!

Never-the-less, the improvised ‘cable ties’ you can see above, all made from a repurposed plastic bag, prevented our family biking ‘adventure’ coming to an abrupt end.

It all started when my youngest boy fell of his bike. Somehow the impact loosened the handlebars, so much so that the bike became impossible to steer. I was on the verge of walking the bikes back to the car, but decided to have a go at fixing them, using wooden sticks and strips of plastic torn from a plastic bag.

And, as it turns out, plastic bags make jolly good cable tie substitutes. They might not look pretty, but they do the job – I can testify to it! Mostly down to the fact that the plastic bags are slightly elastic, which allows you to pull them surprisingly tight.


I was hoping the repair would last long enough for us to ride back to the car. Well, 7 miles and 3 hours later, the bike was still going strong, in fact the only thing beginning to wobble was my boys legs!

I admit there are lots of cooler things you can make from a repurposed plastic bag. How about these crazy crocheted plastic sandals? If my repair hack had failed, perhaps I could have rustled up a pair of these for the long walk back to the car!

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    • That’s very cool, I’ve just checked the link, thank you! One of my design colleagues is Malaysian, I’ve been learning about your country over the past months. Have a great day. Scott :)

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