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Heartwarming Mothers Day cards that will make Mommy smile

These two heartwarming Mothers Day cards will put a smile on Mommy’s face, and a glow in her heart!


Heartwarming Mothers Day cards: The I love you 'this much' card (showing short arms)

1) Before opening…

Heartwarming Mothers Day cards: The I love you 'this much' card (showing super longarms)
2) …after opening (five times more love)!

Every parent has had the “I love you this much” conversation with their kids – here’s a chance for the kids to show how much “this much” is, with this cool card that comes with extra reach!


Heartwarming Mothers Day cards: Mommy reward cards (3 examples)

1)“…Breakfast in Bed please!”

These Mommy Rewards are the ideal Mother’s Day present, just think about the things Mommy would like (such as breakfast in bed) or the things Mommy doesn’t like (tidying up the kids room) and put them on the reward cards. Remember, the cards are redeemable at any time, so be prepared!

PLEASE NOTE: It goes without saying that these projects are also perfect for Mummies, Mamas and even Grandmas too!

How to make your own heartwarming Mothers Day cards

I love you this much card instructions

You’ll find easy to follow instructions on pages 244 and 278 of Made by Dad: 67 blueprints for making cool stuff (my new book). But, as a special Mother’s Day treat my publisher has made the projects available for download, just click the link below.

View project files›

1) Detailed instructions – easy to follow and fun!
2) Printable artwork – just colour them in!
Over 6,000 views so far, thanks everyone!

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‘Pop up’ Cat In The Hat costume idea for school dress-up days

My 5yr old son wearing a 'pop-up' Cat In The Hat costume for school dress-up day
1) … where are the cats?

Young boy wearing a 'pop-up' Cat In The Hat costume - with hat open
2) Ah… there they are!

Close-up of cats in 'pop-up' Cat In The Hat
3) Cats A, B and C!

My boys love Dr. Seuss, so when their school had a ‘literary character’ dress-up day, I grabbed the opportunity to make a Cat In The Hat costume. And because a Cat In The Hat costume isn’t a Cat In The Hat costume without cats in the hat (breathe!) – I decided to add some ‘pop up’ ones, as you can see above!

My first attempt had a manually opened lid. It was cool, but I wanted something with a bit more POP. So I went back to the drawing board and added a pull-cord mechanism. This meant revealing ‘Cats A, B and C’ was as easy as tugging on a ring at the back of the hat!

How to make your own ‘Pop up’ Cat In The Hat costume

I’ve provided instructions for making a simple hat, with a hinged lid the kids can open and shut by hand, as well as the more complex pull-cord version. For the latter, I’ve had to condense the instructions somewhat – so perhaps that version is for those wanting a bit more of an engineering challenge!

You can also print out the artwork (link below) for the bow and the cats, they were drawn freehand by me, based on Dr. Seuss original drawings, I’m not taking any credit for them!

Easy to follow hand drawn instructions for making a 'pop-up' Cat in the Hat costume

Download printables and instructions›

1) Collectable instructions – they look great stuck on the fridge!
2) Printable artwork – for those who don’t want to draw!
207 downloads so far, thanks everyone!

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I’ve been banging on about my book quite a bit recently, so I’m very pleased to bring your attention to someones else’s – Red Ted Art: Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids.

Cover of Red Ted Art book

It’s been written by Maggy Woodley – the prolific crafter behind the massively successful Red Ted Art blog. Maggy has been a great help to me over the last couple of years, so it’s a real privilege to give her lovely new book a big shout-out!

Please go check it out, it’s full of truly cute craft projects that make use of materials you’ll find lying around your house – except for the googly eyes, you’ll need to buy them (but they are worth it)!

Please check out her great book and blog.

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Made by Dad: 67 blueprints for making cool stuff (my new book)

Cover shot of Made by Dad: 67 blueprints for making cool stuff!
1) 336 pages, 67 projects, 1 cool new craft book!

If you like my blog, hopefully you’ll love my new book – Made by Dad: 67 blueprints for making cool stuff (projects you can build for, or with, your kids). It’s packed full of fun, quirky projects, all accompanied by detailed (but playful) hand drawn instructions, just like the ones on my blog.


Although the book is written from my perspective (I’m a Dad of 2 boys) that doesn’t mean Mom has to miss out! Just like the projects themselves, Made by Dad can be enjoyed by the whole family!

To whet your appetite, here’s a couple of photos of the One TON lampshade project, one of my favourites.

1 TON lampshade
2) Wow, my niece is very strong!

One TON lampshade instructions
3) All projects come with playful step-by-step instructions.

Made by Dad also comes with lots of templates you can print out and colour in – perfect for Dad’s who are not confident drawers. You’ll also find “Pro-Dad tips” scattered throughout the book, and a “Dad’s Toolbox” section that provides even more hints and tips.

It’s received some good reviews, especially from the Wall Street Journal and Boing Boing. It’s also been featured in the Chicago Tribune and Canada’s Globe and Mail, and will shortly appear on national TV in the States.

Here’s a preview of all the fun you could be having!

If you’d like to buy my book (it makes a great gift) please visit any book retailer, such as this well known one!

Or for more sneak peeks check out my Pinterest board

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