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War and Peace! Repurposed plastic toy bookend for boys (and Dads!)

Repurposed plastic toy action figure bookend

1) “Hey, who put that hole there?”

Repurposed plastic toy action figure bookend - closeup of action figure

2) “Boy, my arms ain’t half aching!

They say a good soldier never leaves his post, well, this is now true of a toy soldier as well (mainly because he’s bolted onto the shelf and couldn’t move if he wanted to!). This repurposed plastic toy action figure bookend is a great way of upcycling an old toy figure, it needs to be a decent size, but anything from an old ‘space ranger’ to a WWF wrestler will do the trick (and perhaps even a barbie). However, I liked the idea of using a soldier – it seemed a fun contrast, taking something associated with action and danger, and using it to hold-up some kids books.

How to make your own repurposed plastic toy action figure bookend

This project first appeared on Craft:, as part of their ‘quirky craft’ series. I have now reworked the instructions and made them available for download, I hope you like them. It’s worth pointing out that the techniques are very dependent on the type of toy figure you use, the basic objective is to attach it firmly to a shelf, so feel free to improvise. If you have any questions just leave me a comment below.

Easy to follow hand drawn instructions for making a repurposed plastic toy action figure bookend

Download easy to follow instructions›

1) Collectable instructions – print them out & put them in a folder!
96 downloads so far, thanks everyone!

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I must give Steph Mantis a shout out, it was here wonderful “Pack Racks” (coat racks made from plastic toy animal heads) that were the inspiration for this project. Go check out her very cool blog.

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16 thoughts on “War and Peace! Repurposed plastic toy bookend for boys (and Dads!)

    • I think its’s an “H.M. Armed Forces figure” – a G.I. Joe will also work, I think?! Hope that helps, thanks for the comment. Scott

  1. wow, just wow! my son’s room is all national guard and soldier green (he looks up to his big brother who’s in the guard), and this would be an awesome awesome thing to do for his room. lucky for me i have a very handy husband. . . and this just went on his “honey do” list!!

  2. I just love this! I would like something like this in my livingroom bookshelves too… Where would my kids have left their Action Man? I guess a barbie isn’t stronge enough to hold a lot of literature… :)

    • Thanks Lisa, I wondered if I’d hear from anyone with a connection to the Forces, so thanks for the comment. I hope your son stays safe (and likes the bookend!). All the best. Scott

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    • And thank you for taking the time to comment. It’s always a thrill to hear from people who enjoy my blog. Thanks Scott:)

    • Yes, good point – I never really thought about the other end! I like your idea of having one end ‘war’ and the other end ‘peace’ – thanks. Scott:)

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