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Self-balancing toilet roll robot with moving arms

Self-balancing toilet roll robot with moving arms -shown with features labeled

1) I wonder if he knows he’s made from two toilet rolls…

Self-balancing toilet roll robot with moving arms - shown with arms in upward position

2) …and an old plastic deodorant bottle!

Self-balancing toilet roll robot with moving arms - shown balancing on edge of a ruler

3) Wow… he’s light on his feet (or should I say foot)!

This Steampunk inspired toilet roll robot is so agile it can balance on the edge of a ruler, so strong its heart is made of steel, so clever its brain is made of cogs… and so cheap he’s made from trash!

A couple of cool additional features are the see-through head, made from the lid of a can of shaving gel and the arms that rotate up and down, revealing the robot’s steel heart. It was produced for Craft: (as part of their Summer craft series) and is the perfect project if you are looking to keep your kids busy.

How to make your own self-balancing toilet roll robot with moving arms

I have provided full instructions below, but feel free to improvise, you can create your Steampunk inspired robot from almost anything. In fact, I’d love to see how you give your robot an individual twist, so why not send me a photo!

Hand drawn instructions for making a self-balancing toilet roll robot with moving arms

Download project files›

1) Collectable instructions – print them out & put them in a folder!
163 downloads so far, thanks everyone!

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If you’re interested in seeing me giving my 5-word speech at the Webby Award ceremony in New York please visit my Facebook Page (but don’t let me know what you think – ha ha!).

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18 thoughts on “Self-balancing toilet roll robot with moving arms

  1. Wow! this is really cool! My boys would love this. It’s the perfect thing for October (mental note!) when they have to do Earth Day projects at school. Awesome, well-done blog.

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  3. This is fantastic! My daughter is obsessed with robots so she’s going to lose her mind when she sees this! Congrats on the Webby too! I’m so happy for you. I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more.

    • Thanks Nell – The Webby Award was cool – mainly because I got to go to New York to collect it! Thanks for your support over the last year. Scott:-)

  4. You are absolutely amazing! Much more fun than McGyver, the TV guy! What do you have going along the lines of cold fusion?

  5. I’ve just made my way to your site from the Webby Awards page. It’s the first time I’ve been here, and there’s so much to look at!

    The robot is adorable, and I look forward to browsing through the rest of your awesome creations!


    – Love The Bad Guy

    • Thanks Yvonne, It would be great to have it posted on your fan page. I’ve still got a cool project planned using Fimo and Staedtler pencils – hopefully I’ll be able to complete it over Summer. Thanks for the comment. Scott

  6. Wow, all your doings are so amazing!
    (and so much fun to do myself also)

    You really deserved the Webby!! :—-)

  7. Too cute! And congratulations on all of your awards and recognition – especially for your illustrations. You deserve it!

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