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2 spooky Halloween cutouts for your kitchen knife block

Kitchen knife block with knives passing through a cutout of a Mummy. First of two spooky halloween cutouts

Mummy: “Hey! Watch where you put those!”

Kitchen knife block with knives passing through a cutout of Frankenstein. Second of two spooky halloween cutouts

Frankenstein: “Hey, that’s my best jacket!”

Here’s two seasonally spooky Halloween cutouts to end my short break from blogging. I think the result is quite eye catching, or maybe I should say quite eye watering! They’d definitely make perfect decoration for Halloween, but also any other party with a monster, movie or fictional character theme.

Oh, and while you are in the kitchen, how about decorating the fruit bowl with some yucky bugs made from recycled materials? It’s one of my favourite projects, but you’ll need a lot of spare time.

How to make your own spooky Halloween cutouts for your kitchen knife block

These spooky Halloween cutouts are very easy to make, but if you’d like to use my artwork you can download it below. Also, the illustrations are intact (there’s no knife holes), so feel free to use them for other spooky projects as well.

Easy to follow hand drawn instructions for making spooky Halloween cutouts for your kitchen knife block

Download printables and instructions›

1) Colour versions of the Mummy and Frankenstein artwork
488 downloads so far, thanks everyone!

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The ‘craft’ blogging community is a very generous one. A lot of people work very hard preparing projects to share (for free) and I for one would like to show my support by being a little more active in highlighting some of my favourites.

Cover shot of Mini-Eco's Eco-friendly Crafting book

So, with that in mind I’d like to give Mini-eco a big shout out. Please go and visit Kate’s wonderful blog, and then to buy her wonderful book, highlighted above.

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23 thoughts on “2 spooky Halloween cutouts for your kitchen knife block

  1. I don’t know when I found your site, it’s been quite a while ago. Your RSS feed has been on top of my Google page and I’ve been so anxious to see some new project from you. Your artistry is amazing and when people tell me I’m artistic or creative I shake my head and tell them to look at your site. Thank you so much for sharing your talents. Now I gotta go finish reading this post.

  2. Another visitor via Craft Gossip – your work is amazing! My knife block is mummified for Halloween and there are a couple of other projects of yours I’m itching to try – thank you!

    • Cool – so glad my artwork has been put to use! Thanks for the comment and let me know how you get on with the other projects. Scott:)

  3. I just came across your web site from Craft Gossip and I like it very much, you are quite the artist (and more). Thank you for the Frankenstein and Mummy, I will put them to good use on my kitchen knife block.

  4. I looked very often to this Blog. Your ideas are really great and I’m happy to see today your new crafts idea, it’s amazing and I’ll try it today because it’s a perfect way to pimp up our knife-block. Thanks a lot for showing. Greetings from Germany

    • Awesome, thanks so much! It’s great to be able to share a craft again, and so pleased to have it featured on Craft Gossip! :)

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