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Stylish DIY utensil holder made from recycled stir sticks

Stir stick DIY utensil holder containing a bag of ground coffeeMake magazine logo

1) The all-purpose stir stick container…

Stir stick DIY utensil holder

2) …great for storing coffee…

Stir stick DIY utensil holder shown holding a mix of kitchen utensils

3) …even better for tidying your kitchen utensils!

This stylish DIY utensil holder is a triple whammy of coffee coolness – it’s coffee bean shaped, coffee stained, and made from coffee shop stir sticks (Starbucks)! It’s the last of 4 projects I made for Make: magazine, and I think one of the coolest.

As far as DIY utensil holders go, it fits the bill perfectly, but I’ve actually used mine as a container for a bag of ground coffee, but you could use it to store other things such as sweets (candy) or craft tools. The technique I’ve used is not dissimilar to the technique I used to make my rustic twig and wire bowl except I’ve used beads to create the spaces, and the sides do not slope.

I hope it gives you some ideas.

How to make your own stylish DIY utensil holder from stir sticks

Easy to follow hand drawn instructions for making a stylish DIY utensil holder

Download printables and instructions›

1) Collectable instructions – they look great stuck on the fridge!
50 downloads so far, thanks everyone!

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I recently discovered Kevin McGuires Playful Plans website – it’s full of unique, downloadable plans for wooden playthings. I got instantly nostalgic, I grew up making things out of wood in my Dad’s workshop – unfortunately I now don’t have space for a workshop, but if I did, first on my list of things to make would be this retro little red wagon! Go check it out.

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