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  1. i just picked up your book at the local library. I absolutely love your ideas. You are bursting with creativity. I can’t wait to get started one some of the projects so my children can play and enjoy.

    • Thank you Amy – it’s great to here my book has found it’s way into some libraries, I hope you and your children have fun making some of the projects! Scott 🙂

  2. I bought your book – AMAZING ! Do you have any project ideas for toddlers? I fear I have bought the book a little too early in my son’s life, We’ll get to do things together but when his attention spam is a little longer…

    • Thanks for buying my book – hopefully it will become more useful over time! I made the ‘nerf’ gun targets and the Atlantis fort (with escape chute) when my boys were quite young – if you don’t worry about the quality of the finish, and work quickly, they should stay interested. Also, a simplified version of the ‘table leg moon city’ would work well!. Thanks for the comment. Scott 🙂

  3. Just signed up for your emails. Hope they are as good as your website. It has given me so much inspiration to do more crafts. As I am disabled I need something to keep me active and you have given me so much to think about to fill my days. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

    • Hi Jeanette, Thanks for the lovely comment. My emails are a little sporadic at the moment, but I hope to get going with them next year. In the meantime, I’m so pleased that my blog has inspired you to do more crafts, it’s definitely a fantastic way to pass time – in fact, the hours will simply fly by! All the best. Scott 🙂

  4. I bought your book–fantastic! Do you have any project ideas for first and second graders that demonstrate compression and tension

  5. Just saw you on Rachel Ray. Am very excited to see something different out there! Can’t wait to buy your book!

    • Hi Sheryl, Yes, I had a great time on the Rachael Ray Show, I was so chuffed to be invited! It’s great to hear that you think my book offers something different, I hope it does – if you you do buy, it I’d love to know what you think. Thanks for subscribing. Scott 🙂

  6. I work with kids before and after school….the boys are usually not interested in crafts. But I think I can draw them in with some of these cool ideas! Saw your segment on Rachael Ray and can’t wait to get the book for back-to-school and try some of them. Thanks, keep them coming!

    • Cool – I hope my book will help, I have two boys and we just call it ‘making stuff’ (to avoid using the ‘craft’ word)! Thanks for taking the time to subscribe and leave a comment, I really appreciate it. All the best. Scott

  7. I bought your book this weekend and can’t wait to get started making some projects with my art class kids. I’ll tell them all about your fantastic blog and book. Best “make it” book ever!!!

    • Hi Paula, Thanks so much for buying my book, I’m so pleased you like it – I hope it gives you a few ideas for your art classes! Let me know how you get on. Scott 🙂

  8. My son is 9, he’s moving to another school and today is his “going away/ end of the school year party”. It’s suppose to be a water gun war in our back yard, but the intense showers have flooded our entire street…. I seriously have been in a panic this afternoon thinking how can I still make this a memorable party and it be inside…. eeeek…. then I found your website, and am very excited to make the marshmallow spaghetti towers with the kids.

    Thanks for the ingenious idea – you have saved the day. PS… the visuals for your website rock. Is this all your drawings? I would be interested in chatting on a business level about some potential projects I have coming up.


    • Hi Darci, thanks for letting me know you found one of my projects useful – that’s the best feedback you can get! And yes, all the website illustrations and doodles are mine, I’m glad you like them. Feel free to email me at scott[at] All the best. Scott

  9. Just ordered your book for my husband for Father’s Day. The kids love the idea of “crafts” with Dad!! I’m going to have each of my kids pick a few that they really want to do with Dad & I will put all of the supplies together for them to just dive in!! Looks like a lot of fun!! Thanks!

    • That’s great! I hope Dad has lots of fun too – and that’s a great idea to organise the supplies (you know what Dad’s are like)! Have a great evening. Scott 🙂

  10. Estoy muy emocionada! Me encanto su página, mi pequeño hijo Daniel de 13 años, le gusta dibujar y lo hace bastante bien, además que le gustan los robot y me encontré un tutorial de usted, bastante bien explicado y me gustaría realizarlo con él en este verano.
    Gracias por compartir su creatividad.
    Hasta pronto!

  11. Came across your site while looking for things to keep my 5 yr old busy while we are home all day. Looking forward to starting a project with my lil’ man. 🙂

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