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Toast towers! A fun breakfast activity for sleepovers

A four storey tower of toast, a fun breakfast activity for sleepovers

1) Make breakfast fun, build a toast tower…

Close-up of wire and bead toast connectors

2) …using these wire ‘toast connectors’…

A wire and bead toast connector being pushed into the edge of a slice of toast

3) …just stick them in and start stacking!

This fun breakfast activity will make sleepover mornings even more fun (if that’s possible). Simply use these wire ‘toast connectors’ to construct huge towers of toast. Either surprise the kids by making your own toast tower centre piece, or let the kids have fun constructing their own.

And of course, it’s not just a fun breakfast activity for sleepovers, it would make any breakfast occasion fun. So how about surprising your kids with a toast tower on their birthday? That would give them something to talk about at school!

'Sliced bread needn't be boring' illustration

It all came about when I was attempting to design a toast rack that could arrange toast in interesting ways (rather than just lining the slices up side by side). Toast connectors was the result.

How to make your own toast connectors (it’s not a fun breakfast activity without them!)

These simple instructions will show you how to make your own toast connectors. But to be honest, there’s probably even easier ways of making them. So make use of the materials you have available, perhaps swapping wire for cocktail sticks, and using polymer clay instead of beads. Good luck and have fun!

Hand drawn instructions for making wire and bead toast stack connectors

Please note: You could use glue to attach the bead to the wire. However, I found the holes in the beads to be too large and decided to use silver Fimo (a polymer modelling clay) instead.

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1) Collectable instructions – they are useful and they look good
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12 thoughts on “Toast towers! A fun breakfast activity for sleepovers

  1. I just stumbled across your site and I’m fascinated! Regarding the above: I do something similar with toothpicks and shapes cut from plastic foam trays. Instant building toys that are virtually free. I know, I know, lots of people warn you off the foam trays because of salmonella fears. Not me. I think a dunk on a chlorine solution is just fine.

    Really enjoyed this!

    • Hi Lavonne, that’s a really clever idea, I must try it with my boys – they’d love it. Thanks for the comment. Scott

  2. Okay, can we talk?

    Because this is freaking fabulous and I want one. I want to make a tower of Pisa, and then a Statue of Liberty, and then an Eiffel Tower. How can a person buy that much bread? And you know my toaster oven is on its last legs already! It probably couldn’t even make the Colossium!

    So, I will simply marvel at this amazingness. Did you draw all of this sidebar goodness? You have a really big brain, don’t you? I do, too, but I think it must be in a different context, because mine’s for loose change and toiletries.

    Thanks for this great toast architecture!!

    • ‘Toast architecture’ I like that phrase – I should have used it myself. Thank you for your playful comments – they have put a smile on my face. Scott :-)

  3. Now that is how to present toast. Every hotel should have one…. (thanks to SisterDiane for pointing me in your direction – can’t wait to share this with friends!). And love the blog design : )

  4. Lesson learned: do not take a big sip of tea while scrolling down on Scott’s blog. You may see something so surprising and funny, well… you can imagine what happens.

    I’m totally going to make some toast now. :-)

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