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Heartwarming Mothers Day cards that will make Mommy smile

These two heartwarming Mothers Day cards will put a smile on Mommy’s face, and a glow in her heart!


Heartwarming Mothers Day cards: The I love you 'this much' card (showing short arms)

1) Before opening…

Heartwarming Mothers Day cards: The I love you 'this much' card (showing super longarms)
2) …after opening (five times more love)!

Every parent has had the “I love you this much” conversation with their kids – here’s a chance for the kids to show how much “this much” is, with this cool card that comes with extra reach!


Heartwarming Mothers Day cards: Mommy reward cards (3 examples)

1)“…Breakfast in Bed please!”

These Mommy Rewards are the ideal Mother’s Day present, just think about the things Mommy would like (such as breakfast in bed) or the things Mommy doesn’t like (tidying up the kids room) and put them on the reward cards. Remember, the cards are redeemable at any time, so be prepared!

PLEASE NOTE: It goes without saying that these projects are also perfect for Mummies, Mamas and even Grandmas too!

How to make your own heartwarming Mothers Day cards

I love you this much card instructions

You’ll find easy to follow instructions on pages 244 and 278 of Made by Dad: 67 blueprints for making cool stuff (my new book). But, as a special Mother’s Day treat my publisher has made the projects available for download, just click the link below.

View project files›

1) Detailed instructions – easy to follow and fun!
2) Printable artwork – just colour them in!
Over 6,000 views so far, thanks everyone!

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4 thoughts on “Heartwarming Mothers Day cards that will make Mommy smile

  1. I just saw you on Rachel Ray, whom I LOVE! I LOVE YOUR BOOK AND YOUR IDEAS!i will be ordering this book and wish you the best!

    Thank you for putting it together!


    Pamela Merrill

    • Hi Pamela, Yes, Rachael is teriffic, it was such a privilege to be on her show! Glad you liked my projects, if you check my book on Amazon you can ‘look inside’ and preview loads more projects – just to make sure it’s what you want. Thanks for the comment. Scott :)

  2. I really have enjoyed your blog and am very happy you have a book. I will be adding it to my list for fathers day gifts. My husband will get a kick out of it.

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